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Do I need to have a pressure washer?Updated 3 years ago

When you’re just starting out in screen printing, people tend to get the necessary equipment and supplies to make it work. There’s always more equipment to try, more upgrades to make. But do you really need it all? Like a pressure washer; is that an absolute must?

As unexposed emulsion soaks up water, the emulsion starts to fall off the screen. Using higher pressure quickens that process. 

Using the pressure washer actively removes the unexposed emulsion, which is important when rinsing out fine details and dots. Why? As a screen is being rinsed out, the emulsion (exposed and not exposed) soaks up water. As it soaks, it expands. The expansion can actually close up small details, so using a pressure washer is like hitting a fast forward button: it’ll rinse out the details before the exposed emulsion can swell.

To learn more about whether or not you should get a pressure washer, read this article.

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