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How do I invert a design in Illustrator?

Open Illustrator and paste the design in a new document. 

Once your artwork is pasted into a blank document, select the entire image. Using “Command C” and “Command F,” copy and paste the design on top of itself. Lock the bottom layer, so it is immovable. 

Select the direct selection tool and delete all inside anchor points. For more detailed designs, use the pen tool and draw each shape to fill in may be more effective. 

Once the anchor points are deleted, select the entire design. Use the Pathfinder and Unite tools to fill the entire design with white.

Using “Command” and “Left Bracket,” place the original artwork below the filled-in design. Then, highlight the entire image. Ungroup the images and use “Command 8” to make a compound path, so the artwork merges into a single layer. Highlight the artwork, get your pathfinder tool, and hit “minus front.”

If you'd like to watch this process, watch this video.

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