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How does Sgreen® Stuff work?Updated 3 years ago

Sgreen® Stuff, a two-for-one dehazer and degreaser chemical, removes ink haze, oils, and containments so the emulsion will better adhere to the screen. 

After you've used the Sgreen® Emulsion Stripper on the screen, apply a thin line of Sgreen® Stuff on the top of the screen. In circle motions, scrub the chemical across the screen to activate it. Make sure to scrub both sides of the screen.

Let Sgreen® Stuff sit on the screen for two to five minutes. If the screen has a tough ghost image, leave the chemical longer. You could do 15 minutes, or leave it on there for a day. Sgreen® Stuff will not hurt the mesh.

Once it has settled, rinse it off and set up the screen to dry. When it's dry, the screen is ready for the next run. It's that simple!

If you'd like more information, watch this video.

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