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I want to print with discharge ink. What do I need and how do I do it?Updated 3 years ago

Before even considering discharge printing, you need to have two things in place — ventilation and a conveyor dryer. During the curing process, the sulfur that’s in the discharge agent binds with the formaldehyde to make an inert molecule. Not all formaldehyde and sulfur will bond together. Because of this fact, it is VERY IMPORTANT to have excellent ventilation in your working space and to vent the fumes from the conveyor dryer to the outside.

If you have the ideal setup, you’ll also need a water-resistant and discharge-ready emulsion. You will need to identify if you're doing a discharge clear or a discharge color. You will also need a discharge activator.

Many other factors affect discharge printing like the type of t-shirt material you’re printing on. To learn more about the nuances of discharge printing, check out this blog.

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