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I'm a startup, DIY printer, what do you recommend for a light source?Updated 3 years ago

Check out this blog to educate yourself on the kinds of bulbs out there to determine what bulbs you WANT to use to expose a screen with.

For new screen printers, we suggest the Baselayr X1620 Exposure Unit

It's the most cost-effective unit for printers starting up their shops on a budget. The X1620 has been upgraded to three, high output, customized LED bulbs.

Why are LED bulbs so good? Their spectrum of light output and wattage speeds up the screen-making process and improves the quality of the stencil. Printers will experience cleaner stencils, more durable screens, and low power consumption. Exposure times are 3-5 times faster compared to the spiral UV bulb units. Faster exposure times mean printers can speed up their darkroom process. LED bulbs improve efficiency and the quality of the end product. To learn more about the exposure unit, check out this article.

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