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Is there a proper way to dispose of screen printing waste?Updated 3 years ago

To properly dispose waste may involve using a commercial industry waste disposal service and/or its proprietary products, your own in-house recycling system or, mostly likely, a combination of the two.

Either way, a sound waste disposal strategy begins with knowing the following information:

  • The chemicals you’re using and their potential hazards.
  • The city, state, and other regulations that apply to disposing of these chemicals.
  • The waste disposal options and how they comply with applicable laws and how they meet the needs of your operation.

A waste disposal service, such as Safety Kleen, can facilitate compliance. They will haul away liquids and solids that have built up from recirculation and provide you with a manifest letter verifying how your waste is being handled.

Waste containers can be provided by the service or you can buy your own. Again, depending on the rules governing waste disposal in your area, if you’re recirculating your own chemicals and putting the solids that settle into drums, there may be local companies that can take them away.

Otherwise, you can use a recirculation system or a filtration system to stop waste products from going down the drain. To learn more, please read this article.

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