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What are gestures in Procreate?

Gestures are shortcuts for different actions you can do. Here are the top five gestures used in Procreate for screen printers: 

  • Zoom In/Out: Pinch 
  • Undo: Tap with two fingers
  • Redo: Tap with three fingers
  • Undo a Series of Actions: Press and hold two fingers on screen
  • Copy/Paste: Swipe down with three fingers
  • Straighten Lines, Curves, or Shapes: Press and hold finger or stylus until the line or shape snaps
  • Merge Layers: Pinch layers in Layers Menu
  • Rotate Artboard: Pinch and twist
  • Full Screen: Tap with four fingers

If you'd like to learn more about gestures and how you can customize them, read this article.

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