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What do I need to consider about when looking at automatic presses?Updated a year ago

When it comes to choosing the best automatic screen printing machine for your shop, there are three general formats: pneumatic, electric, and a hybrid of the two. Pneumatic presses require an air compressor and rely on air pressure for all press movements, while electric presses use electric motors and are quieter and more consistent in print. Hybrid presses are popular because they use the best of both worlds, utilizing air pressure to control the carousel and clamp the screens, while everything else is controlled electronically.

It is important to consider space and zoning when choosing an automatic screen printing press. Zoning laws may not allow an automatic screen printing shop in certain areas, so it is necessary to check with the city's zoning office or a realtor. Additionally, electrical requirements must be taken into account. Residential spaces may not provide enough power to operate the press, so it may be necessary to hire an electrician to make modifications.

Lastly, space requirements must be considered. Automatic presses have a large footprint, and even a small automatic press takes up more space than a large manual press. The minimum size of the automatic press to invest in is a 6-color press, but the number of print heads may decrease depending on the size of the shop. It is important to have a space that can accommodate the press size and the necessary number of print heads.

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