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What pallet adhesive should I use?Updated 4 months ago

Water-based pallet adhesive. Why?

The longevity of the water-based adhesive is amazing. You can print hundreds of shirts without needing to reapply the adhesive. Plus, if you're working with garments that have a lot of lint (looking at you, hoodies), all you have to do is scrub the lint off and the adhesive still works. It's pretty great.

You can dilute the adhesive up to 50%, and it still works perfectly. Having the option to dilute the product means that it'll last longer in your shop (who doesn't want to save some cash?). 

It leaves no residue on garments. No icky, sticky glue will exist on any shirt. Providing a high-quality product while streamlining your process is key to any shop.

It's clean. With water-based pallet adhesive, you're not spraying the glue everywhere. You're not inhaling the adhesive particles from the aerosol can. Your shop and your lungs will thank you over the long run.

To hear a printer's experience with water-based pallet adhesive, watch this video.

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