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What's the best way to rinse out a screen?Updated 3 years ago

After exposing and removing the film, place the screen in the washout area. Wet the screen on both sides with a hose. Using a shower spray type attachment is best. Let the screen soak for a little bit, about 10-30 seconds (maybe longer depending on emulsion thickness); you can keep spraying gentle water during this time. Then use high pressure, either with a strong spray attachment fan spray or a pressure washer. A pressure washer is HIGHLY recommended. Spray from the t-shirt side of the screen only. Do not use any kind of water pressure on the squeegee side. There’s a high chance of blowing out the image if you spray on the squeegee side. Continue to spray out the image from the t-shirt side until the image is completely resolved. Check out this video to learn more about the process.

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