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When getting an automatic press, what else do I need to consider (equipment-wise)?Updated a year ago

When purchasing an automatic screen printing machine, it's common to buy flash units simultaneously. These flash units, equipped with quartz bulbs, can connect to the auto press, allowing seamless communication between the flash dryers and the press to achieve optimal flashing time. Alternatively, there are flash dryers with on/off sensors, which may not interface with the press but are still preferable to continuously operating dryers.

Another essential consideration is the conveyor dryer. To ensure a successful upgrade to an automatic press, the dryer must effectively cure the prints and keep pace with the shirts being produced. Investing in a spacious dryer like the Aeolus is recommended for optimal results.

Lastly, the screen size is an important factor. Depending on the press size, you can print on larger screens, with the standard auto-size screens being 23"x31". However, if your print heads are closely spaced, smaller screens may be necessary. Consider upgrading to 20"x28" screens, which can be special-ordered in Eco-Frames, to achieve the perfect screen size. Also, if you're using bigger screens, make sure you have an exposure unit that can expose larger screens. 

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