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xTool S1 Quick Guide on Taking Off the Laster ModuleUpdated 4 months ago

About this guide 

  • When you are cleaning or replacing the laser module, this article will guide you on how to remove the laser module without getting stuck on the Z-axis plate.
  • It is recommended to follow these steps every time you remove the module to prevent damage to the machine or the module itself.
  • For more detailed instructions on taking off the laser module, please refer to the video guide provided.

Avoid doing it this way 

Make sure not to tilt the laser module to avoid the bolt on the back getting stuck in the carriage notch.

Suggested approach 

  1. Hold and lift it vertically to a certain distance above the Z-axis plate. 
  2. Remove the laser module from the plate while keeping it in a horizontal position. 
  3. This allows the bolt to get through the notch without a problem.

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