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Equipment Questions

Which flash will work with my power?

It'll depend on how much power you have in your shop. The RileyFlash 1616 uses a standard household plug. Larger flashes have specific power requirements and sockets, so check the specs. See plug type in product specs on the flash unit’s product page

What's the difference between the Riley Hopkins 250 and Riley Jr. Press?

The 250 is a better, upgraded version of the Jr. Three things are different between the 250 and the Jr. — titled micros, locking levers, and a new paint job. The tilted micros upgrade will provide huge enhancements for registration. Tilted micros off

Which press should I get?

Hobbyists. Artists. Etsy shop owners. Students. Side hustlers. New printers. The Riley Hopkins 150 Press is for you. It's for people looking to dive into the screen printing industry without paying an arm and a leg to get in. The Riley Hopkins 250 Pr

Do I need an exhaust fan for my conveyor?

It’ll depend on your situation. Are you running it to the outside? No? A three foot stack going straight up will add additional ventilation. As heat rises, it pulls moisture out from the dryer. Yes? How far you are running the exhaust and how many be

How do I assemble a Riley Hopkins 250 Press?

Since it arrives 90% preassembled, you only have to do a few steps to get it up and running! Follow along this video and you'll be ready in no time.

How do I assemble a Riley Hopkins 150 Press?

We got you covered. Watch this video to follow along and assemble your new press.

What's the difference between a vacuum lid and a compression lid?

The purpose of the vacuum is to create the best, tightest positive contact between the light source, glass, film, and emulsion. Having tight, strong contact to the point where the black ink in the film is almost embedded into the emulsion means that

Why is LED the best for exposure units?

One benefit of choosing LED exposure is the ability to optimize the spectrum of light output. Exposure time and correct curing of emulsion are both heavily dependent on using light of the correct wavelengths. This light must be able to both penetrate

What's a single point light source?

With a single point light source, light is coming from one bulb. Having light come from one source is important because it means there are fewer angles of light hitting the film and emulsion. Less angles of light diminishes light wrapping around fine

What does a filtration system do?

If you have ever had to pay for a drain cleaning service or plumber to come to your shop to unclog your drain, then you already know why you should be using a filtration system underneath your washout sink. The purpose of a filtration system is to ca

Who should use a filtration system?

If you are a small garage operation only cleaning five screens or less a day, you may not be flushing enough chemicals down the drain to draw the attention of city regulators. But if your shop is cleaning 10 or more screens a day, at least five days

What's the difference between XY vs. XYZ micros?

Micros are knobs on the printhead that allow you to move a screen vertically and horizontally without loosening the screen clamp. If a screen is off by a hair, you can make the smallest adjustments with the twist of a knob. Micros make it much easier

What are the differences between the Riley Hopkins 250 Press vs. the 300?

There are quite a few differences between the Riley Hopkins 250 Press and the Riley Hopkins 300 Press. The following provides a quick breakdown of the differences between the two presses:. If you'd like a greater insight into the differences between