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New Screen Printer Questions

What do I need to start up a screen printing shop?

Please check out this blog to learn more about the essential supplies and equipment needed to get your screen print business off the ground.

How do I pick the right screen printing press?

If you search online, you'll find a ton of different brands and types of screen printing machines. How in the world do you select the right one? When buying your first press, you should consider the following five factors:. If you'd like to learn mor

How to Screen Print T-Shirts

Each printer has their own unique story of why they got into screen printing. Some wanted to start their own clothing line. Others found it as a way to make a living. No matter what boat you're in, screen printing is a large process to learn. Check o

Which exposure unit is best for a beginner?

The X1620 is perfect for beginners. Its small footprint means it can fit in most spaces. The unit has LED bulb technology, which captures more detail, makes the stencil more durable, and exposes 3-5x faster compared to a UV spiral bulb. It’s a win-wi