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Why do I need a film output inkjet printer?

To print films used in the stencil creating process. Do you need a printer? Not necessarily, there are companies that will print these for you. You could also go to local print shops and ask them to print your films.

What type of printer do I need to look for for film output?

EPSON PRINTERS:. This means that in the future when you may need a new printer or larger format you don't have to buy new software! CANON PRINTERS:

What RIP software should I get?

Tons of different RIP softwares exist. What you get will depend on your budget and what you want out of the software. On, we offer ImagePrint. ImagePrint is the first RIP software that works with ANY printer. Canon, Epson, large fo

How do I install ImagePrint?

To install ImagePrint, you first need to receive your dongle. Once you have the dongle, you're ready to activate and download the program. Check out this article, it'll walk you through each step of the install process. More of a visual learner? Take

How do I use ImagePrint?

ImagePrint is a user-friendly RIP software. To learn how to use the program, take this free online course. It'll walk you through the program's interface, how to use it, and how to print film.

What's the difference between Econo Film and Rite Film?

Rite Film has a high-quality coating that allows the inkjet ink to stay on the film and layer for optimal density. The coating is also long-lasting and durable enough to be exposed multiple times for repeat job setups. Econo Film has the same coating