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How do I achieve a tone-on-tone or tonal print?

Note: The exact recipe really comes down to personal preference. The great thing about tonals of the same mix is that they can be used on any color garment.

A tone-on-tone print typically has a vintage look or has a super soft feel; therefore, you should use a soft ink like a fashion soft or a softhand base plus fashion soft are a great start.

From there, decide if you want the tonal to be a slightly darker shade or a slightly lighter shade. If you choose darker, add a bit less than 10% of black to your soft hand mix. Do a test print. The advantage is that you can tailor the ink to your tastes or to your customers’ preference. There is no wrong percentage here. If you want it lighter, add white instead of black. The goal of a lighter tone is to have a minimal amount of color in the ink. Shift the shirt color up or down just a little bit, enough to match expectations. Again, there is no wrong way to do this.

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