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Why is my print fuzzy?

When printing white ink (but this can happen with all inks), you can sometimes see the shirt fibers stick up through the ink, making the print fuzzy or rough. Fibers stick up usually because the screen mesh is sticking in the ink as the squeegee move

How do I make my prints smooth like the shirts I see in retail?

You have a few options to smooth out prints. One way is to make a smoothing screen. A smoothing screen mattes down the fibers of the shirt. Smoothing the print helps boost the vibrancy of the ink. To make a smoothing screen, all you need to do is gra

How much off-contact do I need?

Depending on the screen tension, the off-contact should be 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch for t-shirts and thinner garments. For thicker garments like hoodies and fleece, you'd double the measurement. Experiment to discover what is the right height for your

How do I achieve a tone-on-tone or tonal print?

Note: The exact recipe really comes down to personal preference. The great thing about tonals of the same mix is that they can be used on any color garment. A tone-on-tone print typically has a vintage look or has a super soft feel; therefore, you sh

Should I push or pull a squeegee?

Is one technique better than the other? Both are useful to screen printers for different reasons. With a push stroke, you can use your body’s weight for downward force to deposit ink on the garment. It's easier on your wrists and body, so you are abl

What's squeegee blade durometer and what are the uses for each?

The durometer or hardness level directly indicates how thick or thin an ink deposit can be. Softer squeegees will leave a thicker ink deposit, while harder squeegees will leave a thinner deposit of ink. offers four different types

What squeegee should I use for hoodies and sweatpants?

Use the squeegee that you are most comfortable with since your control and comfort will have more of an impact than using a squeegee you are unfamiliar with. With that said, using a blade, like a 70 durometer, will allow for enough control that you a

Someone told me I should use a hard squeegee for fleece. Why isn't that the case?

The harder your squeegee is, the more you are cutting the ink and making the ink deposit thinner on the garment. Now, while a hard squeegee may cut the ink easier, the ink deposit may not be thick enough. With a harder squeegee it will be more diffic

How do I do CMYK printing?

CMYK printing is done by layering four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) on top of each other to re-create art or a realistic image with only four screens. You can print CMYK with both plastisol and water-based inks. CMYK printing is best don

How do I make a print look vintage?

The purpose of a vintage print is to recreate what an older, aged print would look like. The print itself looks faded, well-worn. It has texture. The shirt appears through the print. You can create a vintage print by adding texture to the design befo