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Should I push or pull a squeegee?Updated 2 years ago

Is one technique better than the other? Both are useful to screen printers for different reasons. 

With a push stroke, you can use your body’s weight for downward force to deposit ink on the garment. It's easier on your wrists and body, so you are able to print for longer periods of time. 

The disadvantage of pushing is that it's harder to get sharp or low angles with your squeegee. This limits your control over the amount of ink laid down on the shirt. Pushing also makes it harder to maintain high detail for more complex prints like halftones.

With a pull stroke, you are able to control the angle of the squeegee better than a push stroke. At a low angle you can put more ink down and at higher angles, you can deposit less ink. 

The downside of pulling is the strain it has on your wrists and shoulders. 

Overall, pulling is great for a lot of jobs, but places more stress on your body. Pushing is easier on the body, but it doesn't have the precise control and detail that you can get with pulling. 

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