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How do I use the points on my to get a discount?Updated a year ago

Members earn 3 points for every dollar they spend. 100 points is equal to $1. (Please remember that to earn these points, you must be signed into your account every time you checkout.) How do you apply them at checkout to get those great deals?

To see how many points you have accrued, click the SHOP link in the navigation and then click on Earn Rewards. A pop-up will appear prompting you to either sign up/log in to view your rewards. Once you’ve logged in, your points will show up in the pop-up window. 

From the window, you have a few options. The first option, “Your Rewards,” shows the rewards you’ve already redeemed. The menu displays how long you have until your rewards expire. The next menus provide information regarding how to earn rewards and how to redeem them. 

To redeem rewards, follow the “Ways to Redeem” menu. You should see a few options with reward point numbers assigned to them. If you’re looking for those specific items, click on them and you’re good to go! If you just want to save some cash on your next order, click on the “Discount Code” button. You’ll get a discount code that you can apply at checkout. 

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