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I don't want to screen print anymore (for multiple reasons) - do you buy back used equipment?

If you have ordered a product (such as a screen printing kit) and start using it only to find out that it isn't for you, what do you do? First, please contact us if you have any questions that we could answer. Also, be sure to let us know the condition of the product.

Another option for you is to sell it on Ebay or Screen printing products and equipment (especially packages) sell great on Ebay. If your package has been used and you would like to return it, placing an auction on Ebay is probably the best way to recoup your investment. By selling on Ebay, you can get over the fair market value for your product, you won't be charged a restocking fee, and the person buying it from you will pay for shipping-not you. If you need help doing this, please contact us and we would be happy to help you. Our goal is to ensure that all our customers are happy, you will not be disappointed!

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