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What size squeegee and scoop coater should I use?Updated 2 years ago

When you are choosing which squeegee and scoop coater to use with your frames, here is a tip to help you!

Scoop Coater -

It's recommend to always going with a scoop coater that's 4" less than the outside dims. So for the 20x24 screen frames, 16" would be the recommended length for a completely covered coating. The reason for this is due to the width of the aluminum frame itself, which comes out to about 2" on each side, which gives us 4" total to deduct.


20" - 4" = 16"

23" - 4" = 19" (or 18" will do since it's pretty common to see even increments)

25" - 4" = 21" (same guidelines as above)

Squeegee - 

When it comes to squeegees, you typically won't need quite the same amount of coverage as your scoop coater. Still subtract 4", but bear in mind that you can use a shorter squeegee based on the image you're printing. 


20x24 frame, but your image is 12" - Try out at 14" squeegee!

Have any questions about this? Let us know! 

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