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Screen Mesh Questions

How do I pick the right mesh count for my design?

A few factors will determine which mesh count is right for the job.  The first factor you should keep in mind when choosing a mesh size is how detailed your image is. For example, your image has extremely high detail, a low mesh screen simply wouldn’

What mesh count should I use for halftones?

If you are printing halftones, you got to do some math to discover the right mesh count for the job. To select a mesh, take your LPI and multiply by 4 or 5. For example, say your design has 45 LPI halftones 45x4=180. 45x5=225. The result is the mesh

What's the difference between thin thread and standard thread?

Independent of mesh manufacturers, there are two main types of mesh in use today: thin thread and standard thread. Standard mesh or also known as Hi-Tex, is the most common type of thread. Compared to thin thread, standard mesh is thicker. The thread

What's considered good mesh tension?

Good mesh tension is at least 20 newtons. Static frames will lose tension over time.There is nothing we can do about that. At a certain point, the mesh tension will be too low to create a good print. At that point, you can either recycle the aluminum

Why do screens need to have good mesh tension?

High mesh tension just prints better. Prints are cleaner and sharper. There's far less snapping up or popping sounds from mesh after flashing and printing wet on wet. It's like asking why the sports car is so much better at going fast compared to a C

How do you install the mesh on Eco Frames?

To learn how to put the mesh on the Eco Frames, watch this tutorial.

What size squeegee and scoop coater should I use?

When you are choosing which squeegee and scoop coater to use with your frames, here is a tip to help you!. Scoop Coater -. It's recommend to always going with a scoop coater that's 4" less than the outside dims. So for the 20x24 screen frames, 16" wo