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What's considered good mesh tension?

Good mesh tension is at least 20 newtons. Static frames will lose tension over time.There is nothing we can do about that. At a certain point, the mesh tension will be too low to create a good print. At that point, you can either recycle the aluminum frame and buy new screens or stack a bunch together on a pallet and ship out to get remeshed. You would pay to have them restretched and pay to have them shipped back. It’s a long process. Better mesh tension is closer to 25 newtons. Using frames like the ECO Frames makes re-meshing screens simple and easy to do in-house. If a panel gets too low in tension, pop it out and put in a new one. In 12 hours, you can degrease and get the screen ready for production. The best way to maintain high mesh tension is to use roller frames. While they have great mesh tension, you need to have a good knowledge about the frames because there is a maintenance barrier. To read the tension on the screens, you need a screen tension meter.

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