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Polyester & Dye Migration Questions


How does dye migration happen?

Dye migration happens 99.99% of the time on garments with polyester threads. Dye migration happens because of how polyester thread is colored. The dye house can set the dyes with higher heat or lower heat. How the dyes are set will directly affect ho

How can I stop dye migration or bleeding?

There are a couple ways to stop bleeding. Use the appropriate ink with dye blocking or low bleed properties. Examples of appropriate inks are low bleed whites, low cure low bleed whites, polyester whites, and a dye blocker base. Cure the ink deposit

When do I know I need a dye blocker base?

You need a dye blocker base when you are printing on the following fabrics:

How do I print on polyester with a blocker base?

The best way to create your Barrier Black carbon blocker base is to duplicate your base white. Do not create a new trap/choke. You’ll want the white base to print directly on top of the Barrier Black. You do not want any of the top colors, like the w

I'm printing with a polyester white ink, do I still need a blocker?

Every garment distributor has a list of ways and recommended inks to decorate the garments they sell. If you do not know, contact your vendor or the manufacturer and ask them what they have found in their testing. If you cannot get the information yo